WiFi HotSpot Billing and Internet Cafe Software





W elcome to Fibra Inn!
Beside beautiful bungalows, tropical garden cottage, relaxation spa and bar we provide you CyberCafe near the reception. It`s already favorite place of gathering for our frequent customers. Ambient in our Cyber Internet Cafe is comfortable for the customers that check e-mails, browse Internet or play online games.

To provide you best possible services, comfort and atmosphere during your activities by the computers we select famous and worldwide know Cyber Internet Cafe software solution. You can order drinks from the bar, send messages to the other customer computers or to leave note to the receptionist from your cafe client computer while you browse Internet, chat or play game.

Our way to make you feel like at home lead us to the point where we decide to provide you WiFi Internet access in the hotel area.

Now you can access to any part of the world using our wifi billing captive portal from the Bungalow, Hotel room or garden. You only need to search for the network.
Notice: Access to the HotSpot gateway is granted when you enter valid username and password.
Access accounts can be obtained at the reception desk and using Sign Up link from the login page which you will see in the browser.

Pay with the Credit Card!
Our Hot spot software solution have support for more than 50 payment gateways. We encourage you to obtain accounts from the Sign Up link on the Login page using secure Pay Pal money transfer.
Available and supported HotSpot payment gateways list is getting longer every day.
Latest versions of popular WiFi billing is available for download from HotSpot Software - HotSpot Billing - WiFi Management Software

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